Some News

On 15th June 2015 I sat down in an office upstairs in Campus North and began my role as CTO at Fit Gurus. Today, three years later to the day, I am at a standing desk in a different office upstairs in Campus North in my role as CTO at Gym Plan. The path to get here has been long and winding.

In 2015 there were a handful of people using a Fit Gurus Wordpress site. Today, we provide workouts, plans, nutrition, and in-app live chat via our Gym Plan iOS app. Well over 200,000 people have downloaded and experienced Gym Plan, and our monthly subscription gives us a recurring revenue that most startups can only dream of.

We’re about to launch v5 of our app, giving our users the most personalised experience yet and setting the direction for the future generations of Gym Plan.

However, this also marks the point at which Gym Plan and I will begin to move our separate ways.

So what next? I will continue to work with Paul and Dave to keep Gym Plan heading in the exciting direction it is. We’re working out the finer details of how this looks, and I’m looking forward to supporting them in the best way I can.

While I’ve been having some great conversations over the last few weeks (thank you!), I haven’t finalised what the next steps of my working life look like. If you work with or know anyone who works with Go/AWS/DevOps/startups then I would love to chat over a coffee.

Finally, I would like to publicly thank Paul and Dave for everything over the last 3 years and the experiences, learnings, and laughs they have provided. When the role was originally pitched to me it sounded like a dream job and has proved to be exactly that. Who knew one man’s face could be successfully photoshopped onto any human, animal, or object…